Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bringing your laptop?

Yes, the Pittsburgh Hilton has free wireless! You'll receive their password when you arrive.

You might also like to check out WiFi Downtown Pittsburgh
WiFi Downtown Pittsburgh offers two free hours of wireless Internet access daily in outdoor locations throughout the the entire downtown Pittsburgh area.

If you sit near a window, you can pick up the free WiFi in some indoor locations as well.
Connecting Step-by-Step
1. Locate the wireless icon on your desktop toolbar and right click.
2. Click on "Viewable Wireless Networks."
3. Select "WiFi Pittsburgh" and click "Connect."
4. Once connected, click on your Internet browser (you will receive the WiFi Downtown Pittsburgh page).
5. If not already registered, click on the "Register Now" box and follow the instructions.
6. Once registered, you can surf the Internet anywhere outdoors Downtown for two hours free. The two free hours of Wi-Fi is good for a single 24-hour period.
7. Next time you use the network, just type in your password and go!