Thursday, July 31, 2008

Public Transportation in the 'Burgh

Subway - The 'T'
The 'T' is Pittsburgh's small but clean and safe 25.2-mile subway and light rail system. Underground, the music is classical, the art whimsical and travel within downtown is FREE. Downtown 'T' rides within the free fare zone are free all of the time between Gateway Center, Wood Street, Steel Plaza, Penn Station, and First Avenue. The subway will also deliver you across the river to Station Square on the South Side for a minimum $1.oo fare. After traveling under the Monongahela River, the 'T' runs above ground along three different lines into Pittsburgh's south suburbs.

Public Bus System - PAT 
Bus transportation is free within the downtown Golden Triangle zone from 4:00AM - 7:00PM!  
They operate under a zone fare structure where the amount of fare is based on trip length from Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle or Central Business District. Higher fares are paid for trips crossing more than one zone.

Fares are collected as the rider boards on an inbound, or downtown-bound trip and as the rider exits the outbound or suburban-bound trip, with some exceptions. Since Port Authority operators neither carry change nor make change, riders must be prepared to pay exact fare or pay an amount in excess of the prevailing fare.

Within the blue Downtowner Zone, which includes Station Square, Allegheny Center, Allegheny General Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Duquesne University, the new stadiums, Mellon Arena, and the Strip District, the bus fare is only $1.25 between these areas and Downtown Pittsburgh.